Xatomy Prep Course
Your online resource for exploring human anatomy and physiology

Hello! I'm Professor Daniel Howell and I've taught anatomy and physiology at the college level for 20 years. I know that human anatomy is a hard course for many students - often the hardest course they've ever had up to this point in their lives. Most years, I and my colleagues witnessed more than 30% of our students fail to make that needed A, B, or C in anatomy to proceed in their major. 

Taking a college course is expensive. Repeating a college course two or even three times is much more expensive. For a fraction of the cost, you can take this Prep Course to improve your chances of passing 'the real thing' at your college. 

The material contained in this website is the standard material covered in freshman-level A&P courses for health majors (nursing, exercise science, etc.). Indeed, this website is used right now at some colleges as their course materials.

You can complete the Prep Course at your own pace using my pre-recorded lectures and PowerPoints, or you can join my live Zoom lectures and complete the course with other students in eight weeks. If you only need the first semester or the second semester of A&P, no problem! Just take the one you need and finish in only four weeks. 

Complete the course entirely on your own at your own pace, or check out the syllabus to compete the course with me and other students via Zoom. 

Note: You will not be expected to complete the lab exercises at part of the Prep Course! You will, however, have access to live lectures where you can interact with your professor, ask questions, and get answers!